Rush Hour

Jeans Red Valentino - White tee shirt - Black blazer Theory - Black flats Me Too - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag - Animal print Belt Vince Camuto 

I may come out as a grinch here but when it comes to holidays I really want them to go by fast. The idea of having the "rush hour traffic" status day after day is just unbearable. Even though we are supposed to be on a "happy" holidays mode, it seems like road rage, lack of courtesy and such are the custom behaviour. So I am just counting down until we get back to "normal" which should be in 31 days.. 

I stay calm with soothing nail colours: 

November additions

This month included on line shopping and thrifting but no Black Friday or Cyber Monday buys. Starting off with a pair of black NYDJ jeans, hemming included for 15.90 USD, a "The 1975" tshirt for 6.75 USD. A brown vintage leather Coach tie holder which I want to use as a clutch for 3.21 USD, pair of burgundy flats by French Soles on sale for 26.75 USD.
Two dresses: H&M black dress for 5.77 USD and a Michael America colour block sequin dress on super sale for 19.25 USD and evil eye cuff bracelet for 30.00 USD.
 Oh, and 5.00 Black Theory blazer altering, a grand total of 112.63 USD.

Editing the closet in November

I've been procrastinating in my closet edits, giving things too much thought, so its just two pairs of shoes this month. A grey pair of heels by Vince Camuto which need no explanation if you just look at the picture, worn just 23 times in a year these shoes were a total disappointment and looking back at all my Vince Camuto shoes, the brand does not deliver, the shoes fall apart really quick even though they are leather. 
My gold ViaScar flats purchased in Peru were peeling but in this case I have no complaints these were just ten bucks and I wore them almost to a dollar per wear. How about you ? How are your closet edits coming along ?

The days after ...

Black slip dress Topshop - White tshirt - Black heel sandals Vince Camuto - See by Chloe Harriet tote bag - Baroque Prada sunglasses

Days after Black Friday and Cyber Monday I am happy to report that I did not go near a mall or phone and succumb to the shopping frenzy.
I was talking to a friend about the black Friday craziness and she said something that just keeps going around in my head: "People use to wait for black Friday, but now they shop all the time, black Fridays will never be the same..." Certainly it will continue to mark the beginning of the shopping season but we have to agree that shopping habits have changed. I'd like to hear your thoughts. 
Did you buy anything on Cyber Monday or Black Friday ? 

Looking for a black slip dress? :